Are you a techy?

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Are you tech savvy?

Are you tech savvy?

Instructions: This is a screening measure to help you determine whether you might be a geek (aka “nerd”).

This screening measure is not designed to make a diagnosis or take the place of a professional diagnosis or consultation.

For each item, indicate the answer that best reflects your technical knowledge of computers and tech.

#1 Who founded Apple?

#2 Red pill, green pill or blue pill?

#3 My favourite go to place for tech news is …

#4 Which of these is not a peripheral, in computer terms?

#5 Which of the following is not one of the “protocols,” or ways to use the Internet?

#6 By which four letter acronym do we know the program that the microprocessor uses to get computer systems started when first switched on?

#7 Which technology was named after the nickname of Denmak and Norway’s 10th century king, Harald Gormsson?

#8 What does proprietary document file RTF stand for?

#9 What does CPU stand for?

#10 You install a new 250 GB hard drive in your computer and format it. Upon checking the available space on the hard drive in My Computer, you are puzzled to find that there is substantially less space available than 250GB. Why?

#11 QPI and HyperTransport have all but replaced this in current hardware, but what used to be the single most important factor in overall system speed?

#12 Your computer suddenly shuts off and doesn’t turn on after repeated attempts. What is the most likely cause?

#13 How many Bits in a Byte?

End quiz

Here is how you did

Tech savvy

Mega Tech savvy

You are really tech savvy. You probably have all the lastest gadgets and hi-tech bits-and-pieces and those you don’t have, you have on pre-order. We’ll keep you on fast-dial so we can contact you when we need help with our tech issues…

Stone-age Tech Savvy

Stone-age Tech Savvy

Yep, you have a computer and some sort of smartphone, but you have no idea how they work. You are the type of person who writes down sesitive passwords in a notebook or on bits of paper – especially master passwords. You know, deep-down in your heart that these computer new-fangled things won’t catch on and are just waiting for the day that you can shout ot loud and clear, “I told you so!”

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